Taipan Negative Interest

2017-04-13 18:45:00 by andrew65952

Anyone else play taipan from http://taipangame.com/play (credit to original author) Here is the websites hompage

(Modded version By Me http://adf.ly/10928275/taipannegativeinterest )


If you read the wiki on the original taipan it says there was a bug to get negative interest by paying the money lender more than you owe, which would generate money for you to take. Unfortunatly the only way to use the bug in this taipan is to pay the author $1 for access to the secret page. Since I wanted to use this bug and don't have a dollar to spare... I though I would just download the index file, fix all the links, and modify the code to bring back the negative interest bug. Luckily it was an easy fix, just remove 1 line of code. If you would like to download this version of taipan with the negative interest bug, please go here all you have to do is put it somewhere and double click it.

NOTE: The index file needs to connect to the internet and download the images used from taipan's website


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