Entry #6

[LGCORP] Weekly News

2017-05-16 19:24:15 by andrew65952

Hello Everyone, My name is John (a.k.a. john11) Today I would like to announce the following things:

  • {OS} has been defeated, there efforts were not strong enough, with the help of Shadow_seQuence it was easy, a member of {OS} accidently copied the virus pv_invasi0n to every computer on the network.
  • LGCORP is being upgraded technology wise, and is becoming stronger than ever
  • We still have not yet managed to find the infamous hacker that we have been looking for, but we will soon get a lead
  • LGCORP has been receiving very suspicious emails from a temp. inbox, the message can be found at: https://pastebin.com/7x0B6pDH  We assume this is some kind of encryption but we haven't figured it out yet, any LGCORP member who cracks the code is required to immediately alert Shadow_seQuence

Thats all, Stay Underground, Stay Evil, Stay Hacking - john11


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